Feed your fear


Fear : An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm.
Though a negative emotion, it plays a tremendously important role in our lives. Just like a catalyst it stimulates the necessary action, which in a normal scenario would have been swiped away by laziness.

And laziness as we know has killed numerous dreams while they were still in their embryonic stage. Thus, making ‘fear’ a vital emotion for every being. The moment this distress lightens, it is the same instant we stop to progress. We become too comfortable. We turn back to hibernation mode. We become turtles and hide into our shells, cause of  the phantasm we have created for ourselves.

Finally, when reality hits us hard, the party is over. You have been snugged up too long, the world has left you behind. You are nothing more than a rotting, decaying organic crap on earth.

While being content is good. Fear is not always a bad thing. Something that helps you want to become a better version of yourself is a must for everybody. And what is more important is to have a positive outlook towards everything in life.



Mamtu De Hunza

As the sun set down and I strolled past ‘”Old Anarkali bazaar’, the delicious aromas filled my senses. On both sides of the street various food stalls were set up and the waiters would walk behind you to invite you into their restaurants or to be seated on the benches they had set up for their make shift food stalls. At night the place beams with various fairy lights, sign boards and people from all walks of life. Everyone is shopping and grabbing desi delicacies. You can see some tourists from other cities having food while enjoying the cold winter evenings.

Being one such tourist I too was searching for something that would satisfy my taste buds. Buying a glass of carrot juice, me and my bestfriend decided to walk till the very end of the street to find something we haven’t tried before, when we stumbled upon a food kiosk with a bright yellow sign, “’MAMTU DE HUNZA”’ and we knew that is what we was having for dinner . A young guy welcomed us with a warm smile and before we could find a place to sit, we inquired what “Mamtu” is. To which he explained that it originated from Hunza, a dumpling with 3 types of meat in it and vegetables. Now that we knew what it was we were excited to have it but as we looked around there were only 2 tables and that too were occupied. So, we decided on standing there till our food was ready but the guy insisted that we sit upstairs in sitting area. Which to be honest did look shady and we were not very comfortable but standing and waiting in such a busy area was the brightest of ideas either. The guy told us that we can have a look at the place and if we aren’t comfortable, he will get some chairs for us to sit outside. So we agreed and as I stepped on to the dark, narrow, unpainted stair case, I already started regretting the decision to come up. As I climbed up the cold, rough cement on the walls gave me chills. What surprised us was what we saw as soon as the stairs ended.

A warmly lit cafe with rustic walls, covered with paintings, newspapers and murals. The furniture was extremely mediocre, plastic chairs, foldable tables and stacks of napkins (economy pack), but the place had such a calm and cozy feel to it that we immediately agreed to stay and wait for our food there. Lights hanging down from the wooden ceilings made it look like a house in Hunza with modern immature art hanging on the walls. We were told we could use the sound system and play something of our choice, doing justice to the very aura of the place we selected an instrumental Rubab track and went into a state of trance.

In no time, the guy returned with a plate of 12 Mamtus and the chicken corn soup we ordered alongside. The mamtus were a mix of meat and vegetable dumplings, steamed at a perfect temperature giving it the accurate amount of rubbery texture and softness, served with homemade ketchup. As for the soup it was equally flavorful and ideal with mamtus and the chilly weather. After we were done eating, he asked us if we would like some Kehva but by that time we had filled up our tummies completely.

We told the guy that he has a lovely place and that we were glad he managed to bring us up here. To which he told me that he belongs to Hunza and studies in PUCAD Lahore. Along with a few friends they have built up this place and after university they work here and run this place. Which explained the art pieces and murals on the wall. These were all made by these student running this business to earn a little extra money and serving authentic Hunza Mamtus. I loved the place and I guess I will pay it a visit each time I go to Lahore. They always welcome you with smiling faces and serve you a hearty plate of mamtus. It’s a must visit for a foodie and anyone who likes discovering new places.

Who is more scared?



The Land is barren, just like the life people here live.
The cracks in the surface are not filled with rain
But,the blood that pours down a Palestinian child’s brain.
As the bullets pierces his body and he falls flat on the land.
Collapse. Thud.
That is the sound we hear as we lose out on a life so dear.
Tears roll, guns lock and load.
This war takes its toll.
No mothers lament anymore,
As a child braces up to throw a rock back at a geared up soldier,
Cause revenge runs in his soul
From head to toe.
The rage fuels his fire.
An eye for an eye, that is what he desires.

Break the silence 

I travel through public transport by choice cause it’s not easy to travel around a city like Karachi and reach places on times especially if you are juggling two jobs. It has always been a very interesting experience traveling around in rickshaws. Passing through the small alleys,food stalls, street hawkers, beggars, eunuchs and most importantly,witnessing everyday life of an ordinary Pakistani. You see people running after buses, men selling several things at traffic signals, children trying to get money outta your pockets by forcefully cleaning someone’s windshield, people rushing to work, honking cars as the children are hurried off to school. Everyday is full of life. Every day is full of hustle bustle.

Just a few days back as per my usual routine I was heading back home after work. Everything was the same old.The usual, and I was sitting back in the rickshaw looking around as it stopped in a heavy traffic area and came across an incident that effected me pretty deeply and pushed me to write a something about it.

Female harassment has many forms, from being stared at like you’re an object, to being winked at , to men licking their lips to show their shamelessness and lust and it gets as bad someone touching you like your body is a public space.

A young man who must be around 20-21 years of age very causally touched a girl who was not over 17 years of age and was sitting in a rickshaw. He didn’t seem to be scared or worried and didn’t even bother running after committing this act of shamelessness . In fact he looked into the eyes of the girl and  touched her while one could see clear discomfort and fear in the girl’s eyes. Yet, she didn’t do nothing about it. The rest of the ride back home I kept wondering why couldn’t she stand up for herself? What was she scared of? Why is it that the victim felt as if she was the culprit?

I am not a poet or even a writer for the matter but this hit me so hard that I had to write about it. So here it is :

‘Kis cheez ka dar hai?
 Dekhne main tou nidar hai.
Phir zulm pey tera moo kyun bund hai?         Ankhain hur taraf kyun dekhti hain, jaisey gunnah tum ney kiya ho?   Kis cheez ka dar hai?
Kay izzat uchal jaey gi ya bharaam toot jaey ga?
Ya phir apna ap tamsha bun jaey ga?
Gunnah tumne kiya hai?
Ya bus apna moo bund rakha hai? Hounthon ko si liya hai?
sansoon ko ghoot diya hai?
Zalim ko khuda aur zulm ko apna liya hai?
Kitni dair aur yeh durd sehna hai? Kya Khud ko kho dena hai?’

The deep slumber should be put to an end.

While sitting in a friend’s car I happened to see a video of a song sung by a little boy named ‘Arbaz Khan featuring Mathira.’ Although it is interesting to see young talent come up. But I was shocked by the vulgarity in the video itself, keeping in mind that the singer is 12 years old and is portraying to be a teenager with jumpy hormones, I cannot help but wonder where did we lose up on our basic morals. Also, I am amazed by the fact that this particular video of the song called ‘Jhoota’ made its way past by our censorship board. Entertainment never meant obscenity or profanity. With our morals and norms already going down the drain, the last thing we need is such content polluting the minds of our up coming generation. What are we teaching them? That they should be rockin away with girls or boys twice their own age. Or that the only way to noticed by someone is to flaunt your body?Along side I came across something even more nerve wrecking. At the same time when our censor board seems to be absolutely at ease with the song’s indecent content. On the other hand the have banned the film, ‘MARDAANI’ made by Bollywood. I thought the movie would be filled with nudity and impudence in the name of entertainment but the story line of the film states otherwise. The movie talks about a female cop who manages to uncover secrets of the human trafficking business by the Indian mafia.Though the movie does have scenes which cannot be shown and also a bunch of cuss words but such a bold subject of the movie requires such details. Also, movies made on such topics are released with PG rating. So, one cannot complain about filthy content being shown. Films of this sort are made to make people aware of the dark side of the world which we cannot deny but choose to be blind towards it, since it is not directly affecting us or our families. But, theses are real life stories of human’s like us. Made of same flesh and bones. How can we turn our backs towards these types of ugly realities just to live in our own world of fables. 
When we constantly ignore such topics and not make others aware of it. We are only breeding and raising a generation of decked up barbies and boys who want to grow up before age because they are only shown the artificial world of glamour and luxury. They don’t ever discover themselves for who they are cause they are always going to be busy trying to copy the role models media has set for them. 
A research done by “Dove”, shows moving statistics about girls and their self esteem. The research States :
‘ There is a universal increase in beauty pressure and a decrease in girls’ confidence as they grow older. Key findings from our latest research include:

• Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful (up from 2% in 2004)
• Only 11% of girls globally are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves
• 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful
• 80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful but do not see their own beauty
• More than half (54%) of women globally agree that when it comes to how they look, they are their own worst beauty critic’
This phenomena is further backed by the fact that our youngsters idolize TV stars and set them as a bench mark of beauty.
Which eventually leads them to think that they are lesser beings than them due to the sole fact that they are unable to look or be as beautiful as their idols. In other words the fail to be comfortable in their ow skin.
Who decides what beauty is? Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. We just need to teach people and specifically the young generation their value. We need to teach them how to respect themselves and not get influenced by something artificial or something that demands you to go against your morals. 
Wise words said by Charlie Chaplin in a letter to hi daughter sums it all. ‘Your naked body only belong to those who falls in love with your naked soul’.